Friday, November 25, 2011

Holy Cow!

We leave on the 7th!  Man, I have a lot to do! 

No fun pictures today, or anything, as I am finishing up work.  I went ahead and booked my tickets, even though I have been told a hundred times I need the adoption agency to check them over first.  BUT . . . they left at noon on Weds and won't be back in the office until Mon.

The weeks of tracking flights on really helped, as there is a $300+ price difference for tickets between the 7th and 8th.  I was able to tell Delight Travel which dates I wanted specifically.  We fly out of Denver onto Seattle and then to Beijing.  We have an almost 4 hour layover in Seattle, BUT we leave at almost 6pm so I think I might actually get lucky and the kids will sleep most of the flight.  Those trying to budget for tickets, our little ones - you know with the one way ticket - yeah they were $30 MORE than our roundtrip adult tickets!!

Off - oh yeah to PACK!! and ugh repack some of the donations, since my dear sweet husband decided he would rather carry suitcases then totes grrr!

11 more days and a wake up!

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