Monday, November 7, 2011

Orthopedic Success & our princess!

What a weekend we had.  Our big boy was in a wrestling tournament on Saturday.  Just as we getting there, I got a text from one of the other moms.  Sure enough he had gotten hurt and needed to go get an x-ray.  Poor kid was white as a ghost.  Apparently the other kid tripped over my sons big feet and landed on his hyperextended arm.  They splinted his arm at the emergicare and gave me a copy of the x-rays.

Thankfully, I had a consult with a fabulous orthopedist for this afternoon to discuss a plan of are for when we brought our new members home.  The PA looked at the x-ray and confirmed that he didn't see a break but big brother needs to stay in the splint for a week - NOT what he wanted to hear LOL!

As for our littles, we developed a plan of care and have appointments for all three of them for early January.  This way little man can get new x-rays while showing the two new ones that it is ok.  I am praying they will go with the flow and we can get x-rays of them also.  

In addition, with 2 children with dwarfism and a little guy who doesn't walk - she got us set up with a permanent disability sticker for the car.  Did I mention our kids go to a K-12 school.  Well, it's definately NOT a one room schoolhouse and parking is in the back 40.  Besides this and winter coming I have been really stressing over HOW I am going to do this.  Now, we can be sure to get a close enough spot that atleast we will be close to the sidewalk.

Lastly, the Dr. thinks we might be able to save more of Cav's better leg which is a huge plus.  Anyhow, things are starting to fall into place and I am actually starting to get excited for travel.

And because I have no pics of my son in his purple wrestling singlet and my pink coat on the way to the Emergicare, I figured I would include some of princess I have been playing with!

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