Thursday, November 3, 2011

Waiting Children

There are several places on the web which help adopting parents get through the process.  From packing lists, advices on places to stay and ensuring paperwork is ready to go and questions answered.  On of these great places is called Rumor Queen (RQ).  There has been a very interesting discussion about waiting lists and being matched.  Those that know me, know there was no way in hell  the world that I could just sit by and wait to be matched.  In fact I am in awe of those that can wait month after month.

But . . .

There are currently over 1600 children on the "shared list" with probably another almost thousand on individual agency lists.

The shared list adds new children every month or so.  As new children are added the "old" ones go further and further down on the list.  When I first started this process I thought that the "old" ones were already picked over.  They would never find homes because those that came before me had already "checked" the kids out.

See this angel -

He was made available for international adoption at 16 months old.

He sat on the list for another 20. . . YES, TWENTY MONTHS!  Does he have a limb deformity - yes, the pictures of his legs are surprising but most importantly he is a little boy, without a family.  He has the most kissable lips, and a spirit the will surpass his disability.

We submitted our LOI on his 3rd birthday.  But really it breaks my heart how many people passed over his picture, 

how many nights he went to sleep without a mommy and daddy to tuck him into bed, 

read him stories, 

celebrate his birthday

tell him he is loved . . . by us and by God.

He is our little gem, hidden for us among 1600 other children.

Maybe, just maybe there is another gem at the bottom of the list jsut for you.

There are several fabulous resources ~


  1. I know what you mean... but the most important fact is that he was waiting for YOU to adopt him. It couldn't have been another family because he was YOURS from the beginning.

    Same for my son. He spend at least 9 months on agency list and then few months on the shared-list before we were able to send a LOI for him. To me he is the most wonderful little boy, I'm sad and happy that he was pass over for so long. He is almost 3. All I hope now is to bring him home before his birthday.

  2. And by the way your son is a real cutie pie :)

  3. Our little gem--DD#2--was referred as a healthy child to a Dutch couple. The couple traveled to China, decided they didn't want to adopt her, and disrupted her adoption. She was then placed on the SN/WC list for 5 months until we received her file from our agency and knew she was ours. It's heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time.

  4. Thank you for posting this! It's such a great reminder for everyone to see how many are waiting. I was affected years ago by another AP and her ability to love an adopted child whole-heartedly. I pray that we can have that impact on others, too, so there will be "one less" multiplied.

    *Getting oh so close to meeting our babes!*