Monday, November 21, 2011

Home by Christmas

I have tried being strong an faithful all day.  Although I checked my email a hundred times today, looked at my phone jsut to make sure the ringer was on a thousand times, NOTHING. . . NADA. . .ZILCH.

Oh I tried so hard to be ok with it as I saw all those around us getting TA today.  Please know I am absolutely thrilled for them, but it makes it so hard for me.

I KNOW His timing is perfect, I KNOW that others perhaps are more in need, our kids might need a little more time, I KNOW His timing is perfect, but my arms physically ache to hold these children in my arms.

Of course this video I found on another friends blog sent me back into tears.  You see when we started this process for our sweet little FeiFEi in January - really it hasn't even been a year! - all I prayed for months was that we would have her by Christmas.  So much has changed in that year, but I think my very cells see Christmas trees, holiday music and snow and I physically can almost feel her. I am not naive enough to think it will be roses and lollipops but atleast I can know that they will have the bare minimum including our undying love.


  1. Oh Yvette, I've so been praying you'd get yours today too. It's hard to celebrate solo. I know your heart is aching as badly as mine. He is still in control. Our agency never even notified us that ours was actually issued on Friday. Maybe your agency hasn't informed you yet? Here's to hoping...and praying!

  2. Yvette, I'm praying for your Travel Approval to come very quickly! I know your heart is so heavy with the longing of these two angels. Your darling babies will be here so soon. :) Many hugs!