Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blessed Thanksgiving

On this day of Thanksgiving, going through old pictures to express how I feel, THIS might not immediately come to mind for most, but so describes my life!  Hands and face to the Lord, and although things may not always seem perfect and neat, in they end they create the most beautiful picture.

The past year has been the most intense and amazing of my life.  As I look forward jsut two short weeks, we will be welcoming into our family, our home two amazing children who will continue to grow us and with God's help grow our family, and those around us.

I also can't close today without acknowledging the most amazing people I have met online and in person through this process.  I absolutely feel blessed by each of you and thank God every night for such amazing, Godly women who know jsut what to say at the right time, or laugh in frustration through lifes messy times.

Happy Thanksgiving, I look forward to our children growing old together.

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