Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photograph yourself!

The one surprising piece of being a mom is how profoundly God speaks to us through our children.  I remember when my daughter was 3 she left me with so many jaw dropping and speechless comments and questions.  Although at times I did feel like a failure it also brought me closer to my walk with the Bible.  

Now that little man is 5 and we can actually get him to GO to Sunday school most days, I am finding the same things beginning to happen.  Along with the adoption journey and the most incredible Sunday school teacher!

Yesterday, little man overheard me asking my mom to keep an eye out for cheap digital cameras.  We have decided to give each of the children a camera to document the trip.  I LOVE pictures taken by children, they see the world so different then we do.

Anyhow, I forgot Mr Big Ears was in the car with me.  He was of course very excited.  Then he said the most profound thing.

When I am nice and playing with my new brother I am going to take lots of pictures of him.  BUT, when I am being mean to him, I am 


because God doesn't like us to sin!

Thanks little man for reminding me to look inward.  

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