Friday, June 15, 2012

Crystal Ball

Ok, the question I get asked the most about Baby Tao is:
 when do you think you will travel.

Now let me back up a bit - there is a fabulous website called RQ which I found towards the middle of our process last year.  Anyhow, lots of people there have answers to help you through the most confusing of this process (I am still confused and just went through it LOL!)

The very best part of this forum is the chart keeper!  One amazing lady keeps all of the stats once the paperwork goes to China.  She tracks, charts and analyzes all of the data for us . . . um lesser organized non math souls!

I have refreshed RQ several times this week waiting for the NEW chart - although we don't officially have a LID (when China locks in our dossier) I am pretty confident that this chart will meet our needs.

So, without further adieu it looks like we will have TA (travel approval) 3 weeks prior to last year.  This means we will travel over Thanksgiving (best guess.)

(we fall under the estimated dates LOI before LID - column 2)

Now for the next most often asked question
Are you bringing everyone with you?!?!

Although we are very glad we brought the kids last time, the answer is a resounding 
"H..E..double hockey sticks! NO!!"  

Actually my darling husband who could live his entire life at home, made me agree to not making him travel before agreeing to Tao LOL!  

I absolutely felt completely safe walking around in China by myself - and I don't say that about many places.  So, I will be traveling with either one of my oldest children depending on school etc, an unexpected friend, or by myself. (somehow I feel like this might be where God surprises me LOL!)

147 days to
*organize the boys cloths
        - cloths
        - room
        - shoes (oh yeah Cav will have some too!)
*clean out the garage, basement, and craft area
*prepare for a baby again (ok he is 2 I know LOL)
*start school
*house maintenance
*change over to winter cloths
*shop for Christmas BEFORE I leave
* figure out 1 more carseat
*um unpack all of the crap we brought back from China the first time (ok I know we are pathetic)
get Cav walking!!

Whew I am tired already ~ but I can't wait to hold our Guatemalan looking Chinese boy!


  1. AHHHH!!!! It seems so long to me, but when you put it into 147 DAYS it seems like I, too, have a lot do do! Yikes!!!

  2. Heehee and I prefer to think of 147 as 1/3 of a year!!

  3. Oh I wish I didn't just "know" you via your site! I adopted twice, our last was our achon wonder boy, and am just DYING to go back!!!! I'm hoping your time goes quickly and that sweetie gets home soon!

  4. how cool to be on the count down to your son!!!! Sooo happy for y'all!!!

  5. You do catch the irony of his sweatshirt right?
    All he is "missing" is the O.
    Can't wait for you to travel...wish I could go with you!

  6. Oh I could just gobble up all that cuteness!!! He is adorable and so are the rest of your children!!!
    Big hugs! Thank you for your prayers for Ivy!

  7. Our Emma, also from liming is absolutely Guatemalan looking too!!