Monday, June 11, 2012

Amputation - 1 week

Hard to believe that 1 week ago Cav had bilateral amputation surgery!

Truly the side that was just amputated has been a piece of cake - ok one major problem.
That kid is crazy.
About 2 days home and I was looking at that side thinking there was way more stump than I had originally thought.  Yep little stinker had pretty much wiggled his leg out of the gauze, and ace bandage.

Momma quickly ran to store and bought out the first aid section
- this should NOT be that hard -
I was super nurse at one point and time for goodness sake LOL!

SO I started cutting the staples holding the ace wrap in place, LOTS of tiny little staples - as in skin staples!

Of course since I was busy, the natives became restless, the oven timer went off AND both phones began ringing - really!

I finally pulled the bandage up as far as it would go and rewrapped it with the sticky elastic wrap.

Yeah that was 3 days ago and I still haven't touched it!

Ok, the cast side um has been scrubbed the best we could after being pooped on twice ?!?!
REALLY gross!

ANyhow, we found awesome SILVER sharpie markers for his purple cast.  Now before you think he is a little cross dressing kid - Purple, silver & black are their school colors LOL!

He finally LAST NIGHT only woke up once for pain meds - down from up all night.

We have pretty much given up the major narcotics -
read oxycodone & Valium!

for Naproxone twice a day ~ YEAH!

And junkies delight only before bed!


Little man doesn't have a ton of stamina, but he has a lot of heart.
He went to VBS for 1/2 hour on Thurs and 1 hr on Fri.

Love this pic!

He sang with the kids on Sun - wanna talk about convicting!

He likes to go out several times a day and especially likes to swing.  I think it gives him a sense of freedom.  Little man rocks his torso instead of pumps his legs and it works great!

And the big kids all fight over the wheelchair races - glad we have such a long driveway!

One week down - SEVEN more to go!


  1. Glad to hear he is doing so well!

  2. Aww! Sweet little man is doing great and praying for his recovery to move along quickly!