Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 & 12

Wow, Really just WOW!
 6 months ago today
11 months of paperwork culminated in

THese two becoming our 4th & 5th children!

 Cav & FeiFei's referral pictures

Family day 2011

Baptism 4/12

In just six months they have gained a -
Access to medical care
Toys, cloths, rooms of their own
But really the two most important things were
A family Name
And eternal salvation

 Boy what a wild ride we have had.

 The terrified little girl who came with two giant bags of food, vitamins and snacks, who screamed for hours and ran for the door, is now the sweetest little thing. I remember when she first opened up to us and laughed. Our kids were so excited and said "Mom, her laugh sounds like wind chimes."

Family day 2011

 For a bit I worried that it was an act. But her windchime laugh is back.

 She is a sister
A friend who has been asked over
One who others vie to be around
She can write her name, count, and knows some of her letters.
Her English is so perfect we sometimes forget she doesn't understand all we are saying.
 Now she is learning that being a part of a family means you clean your room,
Pickup your shoes
And remember your own water bottle

Cav has come so far. Things are far from perfect, we still have to be ever vigilant on his manipulative behavior which allowed him to survive the orphanage.

 But the child who screamed at anything 3d when we first met him has
 Ridden a horse
Gone to school
Learned a new language
Can count to 10
Started his procedure to walk & run

He is a brother
Learning to be a part of a class
Learning to love and be loved
Follow rules
Not destroy things
Most importantly we tangibly can see God use this little (he is huge LOL!) guy

Which brings me to 12. 

A number that for some reason sat as important in the back of mind
4 years ago today
On their 6 month anniversary
This beautiful little baby was left on a chair in a hospital!?!?

 Yeah, you can't tell me God isn't in the details.


  1. God is soooooo good!!!!! <3

  2. He always amazes me with the little things!
    I love the picture of FeiFei in her swimsuit, what a cutie she is!