Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm just gonna say it . . . I am tired, my heart hurts for those around us
I am also so incredibly thrilled to live here.  

For you see there is BEAUTY even in the midst of the most horrific storm.

(taken this after noon of Pikes Peak and all the smoke )

I came to the realization last night that if hour home was going to go - I might as well donate most of our food to Care & Share.  So the kids and I packed up our entire Yukon XL with food including cans, popcorn, drinks, toiletries, paper towels, toilet paper . . . basically all of our extra supplies.

What happens if our home does NOT burn?

There are 32,500 people evacuated from their homes.
This is what last night looked like (I gotta figure out how to photograph at nights)

And this morning we woke up to find a whole neighborhood gone.

(not my photo)

We are still in a holding pattern, and in shock for this city that we love so much.  Please pray for those around us.  We live in an incredible city - care & share had a line of 100 cars dropping of items when I went!!

And as an additional punch in the gut - we found out our LID . . .  you know for the paperwork we sent to China on 5/30 . . . Yeah we found out it was 6/20?!?!  On our Facebook group there were people DTC on 5/20 with a LID of 5/21.  Talk about wanting to just sit down and cry.


  1. Thank you for posting! Ive been checking regularly to see if you have had to evacuate!

  2. Yvette - praying for you guys much!! Please keep us the advocates group or me, personally, if you can. We deal with tornadoes here...not fires...I can't even imagine.
    We will continue praying!!

  3. Our "official" LID for our son was 9/21/11 but the final document was not logged in until early December...and we weren't told until Feb/March! I was so frustrated but what will that anger do? Nothing, so I just leave it be...and pray that the next steps go quicker! Praise God we're just waiting on TA now!

  4. We have been praying for your family both for your paperwork and for fires.
    We will continue.

  5. Yvette, it's my turn now! Praying for you sweet freind I've never met. Praying for your family and the other people in CS. Lord please protect this family ad their home and give them everything they need. God speed to China too! Much love,