Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Slow Down!

Ha, you would think that this would be a post on our life, on the virtues of the Bible . . . um, nOPE after 100 miles round trip this is our newest attire.
 - just in time for the 4TH of July (praying we last that long!)

Can you see the bottom of his first cast!  You know it's bad when one of the ortho's asks 
"Did someone saw the bottom off?"  

Yeah , NO that's MY wild kid LOL!

The concern is he has pins coming out of the bottom of his leg, so once he wore through the cast all we had was some cotton between the pins and his wildness.

Oh and the duct tape which lasted all of 2.3 seconds LOL!

Heehee telling yet another child that "A Shark ate my leg" HEHEHE

SO, I am not sure I mentioned that Cav took all of his bandages off his short leg less than 1 week after surgery.  Yep, Chris was making breakfast and wild man handed him all of the bandages.  LOL I am so surprised this man of mine didn't hit the floor!

Anyhow, we went to the prothetist yesterday and he have is a shrinker to wear on that leg.  Ok, Cav with basically a tight fitting WHITE sock for 6 weeks - I think NOT!

Our Dr's are awesome and determined this was not a great idea, and although his site looks FANTASTIC we didn't want him opening it up.

SOOO, we are trying a cast on his short side.  He has a little bit of a bulb on the very end so we are hoping it will stay on - atleast for a bit!

GOtta be my most favorite picture of all!

AND this one!

NOT amused by the cast cutter, we expected it.  iPhone to the rescue.

Even the others were freaked out!

Ok, I am a nurse but I have to say, the incision on this side was NASTY!  I couldn't even take a picture of the black, yellow and red mess.  The other side looks so fabulous I was really surprised.  I guess we really are jsut going for function here.

Ok, back to the casting.  The fabric looking stuff on the bottom is another shrinker, and then they really padded this cuz because he has a knee to keep it on!

Really, I just never thought that this would be my life!

And the result - casting a SHOE on the bottom of his cast.  YEAH not thinking this is going to work but we will see.  The Dr jsut kept telling the cast tech - make it heavy, make it thick we jsut need to SLOW THIS KID DOWN LOL!

Um, so far we have realized that the back has a hook on it which I immediately caught on the table!  AND we no longer fit in a shopping cart at TARGET.  

cuz, everyone was so traumatized by this unexpected adventure of ours we had to get some little treats!!


  1. The bottom of his left leg looks like an elephants foot....doesn't it? I pray that he slows down a bit (yeah, right!) so he can finish healing. He shames us all with this resilience and determination!

  2. guess I'm glad that Joe was a little less active.
    I do like the shoe. My hubby glued some rubberized material to the bottom of his last set of casts when he had a quick procedure done on both growth plates...Left him get around...but this cast does look HEAVY

  3. This post just brings me to tears! It is soooo hard and so beautiful! This little guy has been through so much in his little life (and I don't even know his story) - but ohhh, the healing inside and out that God is doing in his life is amazing! Just amazing! Praying this cast holds for a bit! :) Can't wait to meet y'all!

  4. This post is awesome. I'm usually a stalker, but had to comment on this one :) I can't imagine all you're going through, but this had me laughing out loud! First... your boys haircuts are just FUN :) laughing, but seriously how sweet at the boys holding hands??? And then Cav telling kids that a shark at his legs?! Awesome!!! And I didn't know it was possible to "ruin" a cast...I always thought they were "permanent" until sawed off... Cav is going places... big places... for sure! Love following your journey!!

  5. Love the red, white, blue motif. :) we didn't get a cast when my dd had amputation surgery, but I will be learning the casting bit next year, as we're reviewing the file of a little one with club foot.

  6. I love the casts. So when my son was 22 months he had a cast for a broken leg (no big deal). However, I had to have that thing recasted twice. Once he just broke the cast and handed it to me. The other time I caught him sticking live spiders down it because I had yelled at him earlier in the day for putting live spiders in his pockets. So we had to get it cut off to check for spider bites. So you are not alone with little boy cast stories! (Although the cast techs said it was a first with the live spiders purposely down the cast...)

  7. I cracked up at the shark bite reference. We have seriously talked about making Reni some shirts that read, "I survived a shark attack" or "I don't like sharks" for when the stares at the beach just linger a little too long... can't wait to see the post when he's up and running around with the rest of his siblings! (though it sounds like he's already trying!)

  8. These two little guys are so stinking cute its crazy! Normally Mohawks are not my thing but seriously they are adorable! Them holding hands...priceless! You've got a house full of great kids there!

  9. The first photo is so sweet and I immediatly noticed Cav holding onto Brahm's pants. :)
    It's funny you mentioned you never thought this would be your life but He knew!
    Hope this next set of casts goes better than the first. :)