Thursday, June 7, 2012


As I review the past week - for that matter the past year - I stand in awe.

My phone literally binged so much even the nurses referred to it as the prayer phone!!

We had so many texts, emails, facebook wishes I was floored.  
Best of all jsut the ding of my phone alone rose my eyes up and filled my heart!

Isn't he so cute!!

We even had people drive the 3-5 hours roundtrip to come visit us!?!  Just crazy 

Yeah, he is now 4, and been around mommy enough
 to make stupid faces when he sees the camera LOL!

Cav received cards from the Sunday school and a darling poster,

A friend brought us 4 . . . YES FOUR! of our favorite chicken alfredo's.  

We have so many dinners, I am going to have to start freezing - 
even our chickens are blessing us with extra eggs!

He loved his fabulous "speedy recovery" cookie bouquet (of course so did his siblings!!)

Everyone of our children have had a scheduled playdate - this has been such a blessing allowing for time to nap and care for just Cav.

Although the plethora of items is incredible, truly I stand in amazement at the love people have for these kids who once had no value.

Please keep little man in your prayers, he had trouble with vomiting today which meant he went most of the day without much medication.  I was pretty worried, and jsut about the time I was figuring out a hospital run, he ate some of his comfort food (oatmeal with milk is about as close as I can get to congee LOL!)


  1. Cav looks so wonderful! He continues to be in our prayers and we are thinking of all of you. So proud of your big boy! He has come a long way in these past 6 months.

  2. I'm so thankful you are surrounded by visitors and people taking care of y'all! praying Cav gets feeling better day by day!

  3. Praying for Cav!!! Such a sweet, brave, beautiful boy. Your love for him has brought me to tears. Praying for a fast recovery and healing.


  4. Hey! Saw your post on Grafted In and hopped on over! I am slowly finding blogs of families with little people! We are adopted a little guy from Peru and hope to get him within a few weeks. God bless, your children are beautiful!

  5. Glad that you have troops of friends and prayer warriors to love on you all! I am continuing to lift your sweet family up in prayer. Love to you all, Angie J.