Monday, June 18, 2012

Praying for Ivy

There are some very extra - ordinary people in this world who take the ultimate leap of faith in adoption.  I know people look at our journey with Cav and his amputations and think - I could never.  Well, truthfully, heart issues are my - I never could.  
UNTIL, I met some very incredible people online and when we traveled to pick up Cav & Fei.  

THere are a very small number of moms who took the ultimate leap of faith and bring home the MOST beautiful little ones with broken heart.  
I'm not talking about small heart defects, 
but ones that when I was a nurse we would cringe at, knowing the prognosis.
It was these families courage and strength that ultimately gave us the 
courage to pursue baby Tao despite the unknowns.

This sweet baby is exactly ONE WEEK older then our Baby Tao.

Sweet Ivy already has had a laundry list of procedures.

We have prayed them through their surgeries and now I am asking you to pray along with our family.

This incredibly beautiful little one was almost lost during her first open heart surgery in March (shortly after coming to her forever family).  

Tomorrow, Tuesday morning she is having another open heart surgery to replace a leaking valve.

Although Cav's surgery was no where near Ivy's, I know the peace your prayers brought to me.

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