Monday, June 4, 2012

Amputation surgery

It is 11:30 and i sit here embarrassingly at peace. I even questioned - is it because Cav is adopted. To some extent the answer is . . . Yes. But not because I love this wild child any less than my other children. But because as I laid him on the gurney I felt as if I was laying him into God's hands. This child in particular has always been His - it still amazes me a child who meant nothing in his homeland has had such a dramatic impact on ours. As a side note - cav's little leg was already gone by our first call from the OR at 10. As I was typing this they came out and are just now closing on his second leg. I believe he has ended up with a - Through the knee amputation on the right A Symes amputation on the left And a tibial osteotomy on the left. The left will be casted and we think the right will have a pressure dressing. And now is the calm before the storm. We have been receiving texts, calls, and messages from all over the world today - THANK YOU!


  1. Hi! Just dropped in today bc I saw your comment on Sonia's blog, and I was intrigued bc my ch*na born son had his lower right leg removed in oct. he has been walking since December! It is so worth it!!! I will be praying for him and you. I think I know how to pray in specifics, too. ;)

  2. I have followed your blog since just before our own trip to China. Prayers for Cav's recovery and adjustments to his new legs.

  3. He's on the prayer list and will be prayed for over as he heals!