Sunday, June 3, 2012

God's timing

As I watch this child sleep in a huge hotel bed just across the street from Denver children's hospital - and of course the quietness of having just him, I realized something. Yet again I must marvel at God's perfect timing. Almost four years to the day of his finding he will have surgery. Four years ago as I held my sweet little 1 year old (Brahm) another mother spent this week fretting over her tiny babies deformed legs. Although we can romanticize the story, truthfully I have very limited information. He was about a month old He was found in a chair in the hospital He was listed for international adoption at 16 months We sent LOI in on his 3 rd birthday He will have surgery 1 week to the day of when he was found. To a child who's birthday is most likely not even right, the date if his finding is huge. He survived and in Cav's case his mother took an incredibly risk to ensure he was found quickly, and would (I am sure she hoped) receive the care she could not afford. As a side note, we were able to find a molding kit for at least his little leg. This is his foot with only 4 toes, and completely non weight bearing. I hope when he is older and questions his path we can show him a small glimpse of what came before. Of course Brahm came up with the idea. As a final note - I spent so much of last year with people questioning how adopting would affect our children. I have never been prouder of them. Even our biggest gave him extra hugs before going back home from the lacrosse tournament. We have always explained to them that this is God's plan and it is a wonderful first step to him walking. But their compassion for a child they truly just met astounds me.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & offering me encouragement while our daughter recuperates from her surgery. I hope that your son's surgery goes well this morning & that you are strengthened each day while he is recovering. XO

  2. Cav was in my prayers this morning. He is in good hands!