Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Perspective & prayers

Tonight I mourn for a town that has been my home for almost 30 years.  I mourn for the tons of families we know who have been evacuated and MANY, MANY of them have lost their homes.  Homes, parks and even streets we roamed as kids are now all on fire.

AS I went to the Air Force Academy to get my children at 4:30 we saw the fire crest the last set of mountains  - for the rest of the evening we watched in horror as our town began to burn.

We also realized that as the winds continue and the fire ebs north towards the Academy - we better start getting our items packed.

As I video'd the house - I looked around at all of the CRAP!  A family of 7 (ok 8 cuz adoption paperwork was imperative to grab) could put their most important belongings in a few tubs, some backpacks and the rest could be left behind.  In a sad way it was eye opening.  So much stuff that has little TRUE meaning - even the priceless art projects I have kept over the years.  So much money we have spent on stuff that can be left to burn.  Think about it.

One of the blessings (and yes I realize we live in the Bible Belt of the west) has been the media's reference to prayer.  It saddens me that so much bad has to happen for people to remember who really is in charge.  Please continue to pray, tomorrow is supposed to be hot again and more winds.  So far no one has been hurt or died and that is our number one request for you to pray.

Our first view of the fire on Sat

2 hours later

Wildlife escaping to our neighborhood for refuge.

Tiny black dot below is a helicopter still dropping buckets of water.

Just at the corner of the house by the chimney - is the Air Force Academy Stadium