Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chinese food for non Chef's

Have I mentioned I am not a very good cook - I love to bake but ugh cooking is the worst!

Anyhow, we were very blessed to have friends who are Hawaiian.  While we were in China they brought over the right rice cooker, and the correct rice.

During those early days of fog, I remember piling our new little ones in the car and driving the 1/2 hour  to the Asian Market.  I walked in and saw the strange fruits I had remembered from China and the fish in plastic tubs with bubbles (oh and don't forget the chicken hanging in the lunch window LOL!)

Anyhow, I walked the aisles with our newest treasures waving my hand like PLEASE pick out something you recognize.  UMMM, yeah they found the cookies and jello caprisun things LOL!

Anyhow, I grabbed somethings I remotely recognized and home we went with hopes I MIGHT be able to make any of it.  Please note that 1/2 hasn't been touched 4 months later LOL!

BUT the steamed buns were the bomb!  As in awesomely easy for mom and the kids loved them!

They come in a bag in the freezer section - different flavors.

Right out of the bag, but make sure yu take the little piece of paper of the bottom LOL!

Then you just put them in your steamer basket that came with the rice cooker.
(smaller 'buns' are jsut bread that all my kids love with butter)

Rice is made 1:1 rice to water (per our friend) perfect stickiness!

Buns come out yummy soft.
The only thing I haven't figured out is that everything is white on the plate (I told you I was pathetic)


  1. looks super yummy! I'll have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL! My mother is the worlds worst cook...she can bake really well, though. I survived and so will your kids! Anyway, we would not be able to survive life without our rice cooker. We use it so much around here!

  3. You can do potstickers in the top tray of the rice cooker, too. :)