Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - storm

America the Beautiful

Isaiah 25:4
You have been a refuge for the poor, 
    a refuge for the needy in their distress,
a shelter from the storm 
    and a shade from the heat.
For the breath of the ruthless 
    is like a storm driving against a wall

To all the incredible people I have met on this journey, thank you!

(that is Pikes Peak in the background where America the Beautiful was written)

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Oh, these are so beautiful. :) We have a pretty sunset tonight, too....but unfortunately it's due to a fire near our house. Your pictures are just pure beauty. :)

  2. Ahh, these kids are so adorable, especially Brahm. Chronic pain is not funny at all! What an awesome family! Your photos are gorgeous as well. I love sunsets. I used to take my kids "sunset chasing" as we called it.

  3. Breathtaking! Looks like heaven shining down from above.

    PS - Praying for Cav and all he's going through.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Story on the Today show this morning about a runner from South Africa who may make the Olympic team for running. He was born with the same legs as Cav. A great story and inspiration. Hopefully you can find the story on the website.

  5. What a gorgeous picture!!! So nicet to meet you.