Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 months - family

Wow, really just four months since these kiddos entered our lives? 
 Four months since we were in China . . . or four years.  
I can't believe the progress ~ plain and simple we have become a family.

I am most astonished at Cav.  EVERYTHING has changed with him from his appearance to his demeanor.  He is a joy to be around, he cracks jokes in his three year old way, he has most importantly decided to become part of our family.

Little man has finally started finding his role as big brother.  He and Cav play together.  He finds that satisfaction in teaching his brother new things, in sharing SOME of his toys and most importantly he gave Cav a hug good night last night.  This was HUGE.  Remember Cav outweighs him by atleast 10 lbs now, and even on his shortened legs, Cav is almost as big as his brother who is 2 years older than him.  Cav literally spent the first month beating up his big brother.  That hug made me jsut cry - brothers forgiven, brothers formed.

FeiFei has come out of the honeymoon phase.  Now let me begin by saying even on her worst day she is still happier than most kids on their happy days.  We jsut became so used to her incredibly bubbly personality that we made one HUGE mistake.  We gave her everything we could.  Extra helpings, toys whenever we were out everything - because she was so dang charming.  She was very evidently the "favorite" child for a time being.  (I don't disclose this for any other reason than to help those who follow us.)

As Cav has gotten better the gap has closed between them and she is now struggling with her place be threatened.  She is no longer the "golden" child and he the terror.  They are becoming more equal and we are seeing her having some difficulty with this.  In addition, her most beloved teacher left during spring break.  I think the permenance of this loss is finally affecting her.  She is taking her different books out more - but mostly the one her teacher gave to her before she left.

I hate to say it, but I really didn't even correlate her mild change in attitude and her teacher leaving until today.  It's been almsot 3 weeks and I thought the reaction would have been immediate.  Duh, sometimes I jsut wasnt to kick myself.  Ok myself and the world.  i bawled for FeiFei when I found out her teacher was leaving.  REALLY PEOPLE!!  But what was I to do, withdraw from her school which she begs to go to everyday.  Such a horrible situation, for a sweet child who has already lost so much in her life.

Luckily, the Empowered to connect conference is tomorrow in Denver.  I can (at the last minute) go.  Hopefully they are still selling tickets at the door.  And my dear hubby is taking the day off work and staying home with all the kids - oh yeah it's a teacher work day ugh so they are ALL home!

Four Months ~ as a Family!


  1. love this post!! I can so relate with our JD being the "favored" for so long because he is usually smiling and a happy go lucky guy. Who can't help but love a little achon!!! Our little princess who is about 3 1/2 years younger has had a hard time but too has adjusted to a new sibling now and I think she mostly loves him!!

  2. The images of your oldest holding Cav just moved my heart.