Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On our Way!

Another crazy day - the kids had a SNOW day!!  

Gotta LOVE Colorado!  
The kids traded their swimsuits for syrup drenched snow!

But that's not what today was about -
TODAY was about Cav's journey to walking.

You know your reality has changed when you walk into a room where legs and arms 
are stacked like cord wood!

Atleast there was a jungle gym for my naughty boys!

I brought little man because he has had so many questions - 

I was excited to show Cav the pictures and how he would soon walk!

And then we learned a little nugget about Cav- 

He seems excited about getting his new legs!

So HE can have real SHOES!!

OK dude, we will go shoe shopping for you just as soon as you get fitted for your real legs!

Truthfully though, and I am not sure if it is the time of year, or because we are doing the book of Mark for bible study but I realized something.  Although we yearn to walk with Jesus (literally) and touching his cloak so as to heal- THIS is Him still producing His miracles and I stand in awe!

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  1. Awesome snow!!! What an emotional day for y'all!!! Looks like Cav is very happy and excited! How sweet for big brother to want to be such a huge part in this experience! I love it! Aren't you just amazed at HIS miracles? I am too!!!! Thank you for sharing Sista!