Monday, April 16, 2012

Bring Happy home!

THere are so many unknowns in adopting, and I know that so many people are afraid of bringing home an older child.

As you can see from my friend Tammy's blog (who is a very experienced adopting family) and their adventure to their fabulous new daughter Zoe .

I told her all along that children with dwarfism also have a Happy gene - they just are so wonderful!

I was able to get an update on this fabulous little guy.  There are a few things to know.  One YES he has a shunt, this is a NORMAL thing that some children with dwarfism need as babies.  Once they get a shunt then they are good to go.  

Also where he is from - they only list SMART kids.  And this little guy is smart!

He is also athletic.  He can do a standing long jump, jump on alternating feet, kicks a ball AND can catch a ball!

He has a good understanding of expressions, speak in long sentences and asks why.

He can dress and undress himself.  He goes to kindergarten and loves his teacher.

He is outgoing, active, confident and not afraid to compete with others.

Besides being short this little guy is fabulous and healthy!

Look at how much he has grown!!

Email me if you would like the update report and any other information.

ctmy at comcast dot net

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  1. makes me so sad as I want to adopt another one with dwarfism SOOOO bad and hubby is DONE! I'll keep praying for them to get families though and just maybe hubby will be blindsided by God and say yes!!