Sunday, April 22, 2012

BIG adoption mistake!

OK, let me warn those in the adoption process.  

You know when you are in the midst of the process and your hmmm, I think your LOA is delayed, and in a moment of insanity you go and get 2 kittens.

Well, if one of the said kittens actually survives the elements around your house (coyotes) AND makes it to adult hood - I dunno sometime during the fog of bringing home TWO children from CHINA - you might want to actually put spaying and neutering on the TOP of your list -


The fabulous subject from yesterday

will deliver these on the pottery barn mattress under your daughters bed

AND you will be presented with this note at the top of the stairs

AND you will find said cat and 4 kittens under daughters bed watching movies on an iPAD ALL before church!

Welcome to our house!!

And although I already did my Sunday Snapshot from yesterday I jsut had to add the culmination of the  story!

Canon and 50mm lens in very low light so not to disturb momma!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. OH NO!!!! Too bad you live so far away because we'd love to have one of those kittens (and then proceed to spay/neuter it promptly!!!)! And I'd like to add that the picture of mama kitty is AMAZING!

  2. I want kittens! We have 2 neutered male cats. They are great, but we would like some kittens at some point.

  3. AWW, they are so cute. My cat had kittens last year and I gave them to a girl I know that works at a pet store. She then found homes for them all. ^^

  4. Oh my!!! We had a feral cat on our property that kept doing this ;-) Finally had to catch her and have her spayed ;-))) The babies are adorable, by the way! If your kids are like mine, they are probably OVER THE MOON with excitement about the kittens!!