Thursday, April 26, 2012

And THIS is why!

I stand in amazement

The little boy who screamed was absolutely terrified at the plants, statues and anything with 4 legs.
JUST FOUR months ago ~
Did the most amazing thing ever today!!

I can NOT tell you how in awe I am of this child!
Of how far he has come!

The road has been HARD - truthfully it has been the hardest thing I have ever done.
Bringing home 2 at once gets a LOT of bad press.
We still have hard days.

BUT let me remind you of one very important little fact - Cav was our second child.  We could have been afraid and said we would return for him (heehee knowing our newest secret that wouldn't work well LOL!)  But that would mean he would STILL be sitting in his orphanage for a couple more months atleast.

INSTEAD, he came home when he was meant to.
We sucked it up and tried our best,
we are far from perfect parents (I dare to say the pendulum swings farther to the left then the right.)
BUT the love of a family makes such a difference ~ like NOTHING I have ever seen!

Brahm went first of course, then FeiFei had to try.  I thought we were doing pretty good that Cav was calm and not trying to crawl out of his skin, BUT I asked if he wanted to try.  He vigorously nodded YES!

We put him on the horse and he did great - UNTIl I stepped back to take a picture.  Even this trust that if I was their it would be OK is a huge step.

Next my friend allowed them to ride one of the horses - again they all were excited to try.

Four months BUT a lifetime of growth!

His infamous MAN-EATING Cat picture taken 12/24/2011


  1. He even had a smile on his face! Amazing progress in these few months. Think about where he'll be 4 months from now!

  2. sooooo excited to see what time and love does for our specialkids!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your joy and excitement in big and little tings:)