Friday, April 6, 2012

Coming Full Circle

It was a year ago that I lost it!

I remember sitting in Good Friday service and GETTING IT!

Half a world away there were MANY MANY children who would never have the OPPORTUNITY of choosing salvation.  That by the meer fact of WHERE we are born, we may or may NOT be exposed to THE word.

I don't think I ever mentioned it but when I was 13 my parents were divorced.  This was in the 80's right before the FAD of divorce.  We were a rarity.  An being so we were told by the Catholic church that my mother was not welcome back.  Um great that basically meant that us kids were also sent away.

It took me almost 20 years to come back to the church.  I often stand in awe of the cradle to gravers who are so much more versed in scripture.  I pray this is how my children will be.  (ok sorry I digressed.)

In this country for the most part children are exposed to The word sometime in their life.  I have no stats on this but just my feeling.  BUT in China - a land of NO religion (for the most part) how many children will become adults without EVER hearing about Jesus.

I fully respect that at some point people must make a decision to follow God, BUT what about those never exposed.

What happens to those without ~

Without parents - who will read them the bible
Make sure their hands are clasped in prayer,

No these children are more focused on
staying warm,

But ultimately this earthly survival is for NOT,
without hearing The word.

And on, and on, and on my thoughts went that "horrible" night a year ago.

And then I knew.

We couldn't save them ALL,
BUT we could save ALL of ONE.

A year ago we realized that yet again GOd had been at work.

Approved for 2 kids,
waiting for our I-800A approval - oh yeah for 2 kids
All along sure our future only included FeiFei

A year later

 I now realize that GOOD FRIDAY will ALWAYS be part of this child's story -

Our story,
how God used a very ordinary family - probably more faults than most, to bring ONE child to Him.

ANd a year later NOTHING is sweeter than hearing them say AMEN!

and knowing Jesus!


  1. This is so beautifully written. I've been asked often why I would travel half way around the world to adopt when there are children here that need homes. I always want to answer "Because kids in our foster care system eat a minimum of two meals a day at school and all have access to health care and an education." But ultimately we followed God to China because that is where He said our daughter was. I know this is why. I would love to share the link to this on f*cebook, if it's ok with you? Thank you for blogging and sharing your heart and story.