Sunday, April 29, 2012


We started our journey to adoption jsut over a year ago.  WE (my husband and I ) have grown far more through this process than I had thought humanly possible.  We began the process to provide a home for a child with dwarfism - BUT through the process we realized that the greatest gift we could give our children is that of eternal life.  Today we accomplished that - through Baptism.

We purchased their Baptismal outfits in China especially for this occasion.

I love this one of Brahm giving them their new crosses.

How did it go you might ask!

Well, FeiFei of course was a jewel.  Cavanaugh however, tipped the entire Baptismal Fount (ugh!)  Then he started screaming UH-OH! Don't we all come to the cross kicking and screaming LOL!

On the serious side these little ones have been home 4 months (almost to the day) - they know Jesus, they know how to clasp their hands in prayer, they know Amen, and most importantly they couldn't have been more than thrilled to receive crosses of their own!

And for those playing along I actually shot these with my Nikon point and shoot coolpix, cuz sometimes you can get great shots without the fancy cameras.  You have to keep moving the camera to select focus BUT it can be done.

Lightroom, and one willow or sarah J presets.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Wow... how wonderful! LOVE that they have a heart for Jesus already :)
    Happy Baptism Day!

  2. How precious are those kiddos?!! I especially love that first photo and seventh photo! :)

  3. Totally precious! And yes, we do come to the Cross often kicking and screaming. He has that right! You are quite the photog too!

    OK, going to read more. Am I reading right that you have made an announcement???!!!

  4. Oh my. They are SO cute. I love the outfits you chose for them in China. I am glad they know Jesus. That is the greatest thing in all the world to know, right?