Thursday, April 5, 2012

A NEW Normal

5 kids - 3 special needs - 2 asian

You know when you have a newborn and you feel like you are exiting the cloud and you CAN think again.  Your normal is different but better.  That's where we are at.  

                    Reality has set in.

                   Things are crazy, 
                   WAY more laundry.

                   Actually clothes are the bane of my existance.
                   From doing laundry
                   to trying to figure out where to put clothes 
                   (especially since we have both winter and summer out right now.)

                   SOCKS ugh socks have always been enough to kill me over.
                   Our kids HATE socks.
                   They are always taking them off WHEREVER they are at.

                   THen of course NO ONE can find socks in the morning.
                   I just bought MORE socks,
                   Little Man has gone to school SEVERAL days with just one sock on ~ WHAT!!

                   I no longer MAKE my kids clothes (although I admit I bought some fabric.)
                   I have completely given up on scrapbooking.
                   Blogging atleast makes me take pictures of my kids.
                   Creative handmade gifts are being replaced by last minute where the heck is a bag gifts!

                   Don't even get me started on dinners.
                   My poor Asian kids' cholesteral has probably tripled,
                   They know the golden arches, and that orthodontist day means Carls' Junior.
                   They cheer for homecooked meals  .  .  .  . at church - they LOVE the church ladies food.

                   The hardest is that people watch us,
                   We haven't been an inconspicious family since little man was a baby
                   But it is SOOOO much more evident now.
                   Watching, judging, commenting.

                   BUT I LOVE our new life,
                   All the firsts, the artwork, sleeping children,
                   Shoes, dishes (ok maybe NOT!)
                   And LAUGHTER!



  1. Yeah, I know where your at. Our last adoption was 2.5 yrs ago and we've gotten past the fact that we're quite a sight for some people.

    I'm sure when we add our next few children we'll be even more of a sight! I'm over it...but the ignorant comments always make me bristle...and then pray for them!

    As for laundry...we've got our system worked out and it only takes me 2 days a week to get it done! Only about 6 loads total a week...of course, we've only got 4 children vs. your 5.

  2. LOVE this post. The socks comments literally made me laugh out loud. You rock!