Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Falling Short

Be glad my friends you don't live in our house LOL!

My humanness is so flawed, I try to keep my eyes on the Lord, knowing that this is his plan.

But oh I jsut want to have this baby in my arms.
I want to be on the plane
I want to know when I am leaving

I am so tired of the paperwork,
Tired of people's excuses,
Tired of watching others speed past us as we stand in the wrong line at the checkout.

Let's jsut say that I lack patience
My husband says that is why God keeps trying to teach me this virtue LOL!

I emailed our agency - again cc'ing in the director.
it's Wednesday - they said this was the drop dead date whether we could travel on the 16th.
Now they said it's still possible

So my crazed self did all the kids laundry
packed Griffen's clothes
Repacked Griffen's clothes,
went and bought new suitcases (that would be easier for Tristan to push two)

This was about the time I talked to the travel agent
who informed me there were no more consulate appts in Nov ?!?!
had some chocolate
and repacked Griffen's clothes one more time.

Yeah real effective use of my day LOL!

My soul keeps saying to Be still and trust
and my humanness keeps failing.
I see his sad face and my heart weeps
my arms ache


  1. This wait is so hard on it's own, but when there are delays, it's brutal. Continued prayers for a speedy TA and travel dates!

  2. You know what? Next year you'll be wondering why you were so upset last year. He'll be running around the house creating havoc and you'll be a happy mama. Patience, my dear, patience. I know it's not easy, cuz I've been there and done it, too. We have two little princesses from China to show for it. :)

  3. Could he be any cuter! Praying you get a quick answer and travel soon!!

  4. Did you TA come in the tubby alert today!?!?!?

  5. Oh friend, Praying, praying, praying. Having walked the slow road , I know the pain of waiting and not being the patient person in the world:) Hope you get some great news soon!