Monday, November 19, 2012

Full circle

Fourteen years ago, as I held my brand new tiny baby and marveled at the miracle of his birth, I had no idea that today we would come full circle.  Although my heartaches to share our new son with the other kids and daddy, I truly am blessed to have my oldest son with me to celebrate Griffen joining our family as well as Tristan's birthday. 

Although it was not the day I had envisioned I still weep when I think of the circle of children who fill our family. Although our guide says he has done adoptions for six years he leaves a lot to be desired. I finally lost it as I had to count out 100 bills in front if everyone with a hungry screaming baby.  Last time the guide had everything organized so we had everything counted out before going to civil affairs. In addition, he kept going into my purse look for papers. I don't care anything about the cultural difference I am pretty sure his mother would slug him too ( I didn't buy he knew I was done).  It took six very long hours. 

By the time we were done Tristan & I were exhausted and poor Griffen needed a bottle and a nap. So much for celebrating our big boys 14th birthday. We decided that really we could split the difference and celebrate tomorrow as it is our day off.

Griffen is so sweet and funny. He is so dang cute I could eat him up. I kept kissing and he keeps wiping them off lol. His poor torso is covered in bug bite scars which break my heart. But looks healthy which is truly a blessing. He eats just about anything but needs help. 

He lives his brother - almost to a fault. So we had to back off on Tristan holding him ( he loves the baby but the last hong he wants to do is HAVE to carry him everywhere.). This isn't a surprise as our overgrown son is a child magnet LOL!

Griffen slept all night and we woke him at 7 am like his schedule said (and we had to get to our appt). Yeah that baby could have slept another hour AND he is a grouch in the morning. BUT he wasn't scared of us when he awoke which was amazing. 

He takes his bottle for bed and usually goes right to sleep without a peep.  After our adventures with Cav we do know we are truly blessed. 

An interesting thought - we were required to take the ultimate leap of faith when we sent our LOI for Griffen. We were so afraid of the growth that was in store for us.  But is it possible that sometimes God just asks us to trust him so he can also
Bless us?  

Sorry the pics are wonky

PS we hit McDonalds for lunch - Griffen loved fries LOL!!


  1. Oh Yvette! He melts my heart with his sweet little face!!! You truly are very blessed, and it's obvious from your words that you know it! Happy Birthday to Tristan! It will be one he'll never forget!

    I'm so sorry your guide left something to be desired. I just emailed MAA with feedback about our in province guide. She left a little to be desired with her anxiety about my child's heart condition, but she did a BEAUTIFUL job with the paperwork/organization. I'm so sorry your guide didn't. I would have FLIPPED. You did really great by not losing your stuff on her.

    I'll keep watching for you to arrive safely in GZ! All the best!


  2. sooo precious!!! Happy Birthday Tak! and hey -it's that a camp elim t-shirt Tak has on! :) LOVE! Praying for y'all! Thank you for allowing us to be on this journey with y'all!