Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 days of Thanksgiving - day 3

I haven't shared a ton about some of the relationships I have lost through the process of adoption. Suffice it to say I should have created boundaries years ago and Cav and Fei or the journey helped me to see this. HOWEVER, I have gained a ton of other relationships of Godly people who love our crazy family for our craziness.  Who send us hugs, love and pray for us constantly.  And believe me we need lots of prayers LOL!  
Although Griffen is #6 he is still our newest baby and we are so excited to celebrate him.  Today I opened a package we got this week (some amazing child of mine must have seen it on the doorstep and placed it in the dining room without notice).  All I can say is I lifted off the tissue paper and cried.  Cried for the losses, cried for the gains, and cried because someone very special went out of their way to show she thought Griffen is as special as we do!  

Besides a lamby who sings Jesus lives me in her voice, she also made loves for Grif, a prayer pillow case ( my other kids treasure theirs) and a handmade quilt that is incredible!  

So today, especially, I am Thankful for
my Aunt who has filled a void, loved all
of our kids, and prays incessantly for us !

I'll post a pic tomorrow as my iPad is having pic issues 

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  1. We don't know each other, but I have commented on your blog before. I am an adoptive mom and am in the process to bring another little one home (from China). I have so loved reading your blog and am in awe of the challenges you have taken on - and are willing to take on again. We have suffered similar to you. Some friends (and even family) have faded into the distance, others are irritated with what we are doing, and others just think we are odd. I try to see it as we are being lights in a dark world. That following Jesus into the places he calls us to, and looking more like him by following, is threatening to the world (sadly). But to Jesus - well, I hope he is smiling at our attempts to obey and share his love with the least of these. Wishing you happiness as you prepare to go and get your adorable little one. You are doing the right thing - one less orphan! God bless!