Monday, November 26, 2012

Fun, feet & food


We had another fun day with our new friends Claire and her kids.  Although it was raining we decided to go to Shamain Island and check out the stores.  It was kind of last minute so I didn't have my camera or a ton of money but we still found treasures and will go back for others in the next few days. Can you say 1 more suitcase LOL!

Griffen did great he is wild when running around but quiets to a mouse in the ergo - never seen anything like it LOL

The shops on shamain island are not doing as much business, One had everything 1/2 price.  However,  there were still many of the same items as last year.  We got fabulous jade. Ecklaces that day mother & daughter for about 88RMB.  I think they were 300 at the jade market in Beijing.

Tomorrow is a free day luckily since Griffen seems not to be feeling the best - we all need to sleep in as meeting at 8:30 or 9 is just wearing.


I don't think I mentioned it, but my right foot has been killing me - but it is so weird as it hurts at the end of the day not when walking etc.  anyhow today I thought I would try the reflexology (massage) place at the end of the shops at the Marriott.  For 330 RMB I got a 2 hr foot reflexology and massage.  Of course they guy took one look at my granny feet and highly suggested a pedicure too.

I FINALLY agreed for an additional 60 RMB (hello Christmas present lol) and the guy brought out a little black case of what reminded me of ice sculpting tools. He shaved the dead skin off my feet and the result was a pile of yucky snow flakes ugh how embarrassing LOL!

I do like deep pressure massages but this one made me almost want to cry at points.  After sitting inthecrazy Cathay pacific flights, strange beds and baby carrying has doneanumber on my neck and back.  Hopefully this help me get home without worrying a out back issues.


I think I mentioned we had enough Marriott rewards to stay free this week YRAH! However I knew this didn't include the breakfast buffet and a small room.   When we checked in I asked about upgrading and for about 400 RMB a day we got a suite, and executive level privileges.  If I wasn't living with a 14 year old it might not have been with it, but I needed to make sure he got atleast 1 all he could eat meal a ray lol. Anyhow, we have been the hillbillies and our dinner has consisted of the hard ours that the executive level had in the evenings.  This actually has worked great and they have a ton of food including desert, salad, fruit and juice. Also they have wine, beer and mixed drinks ( just encase you know of a recipe for your favorite drink lol)   It is so nice to just go upstairs and eat without having to leave the hotel or eatin which would cost a lot.  Also we have unlimited drinks all day which is especially helpful for little guys who still take a bottle.  Now I have enough water to wash his bottle and fill it.

The larger room is a bonus especially the second bathroom with toilet since - you know is, traveling with a 14 year old boy!

So now I have a full belly, and baby soft feet and we get to sleep in, in the morning - life IS great!

And I know you come for pics not my ram ling so here is my Tao baby right before bed - fading fast LOL


  1. Hope you enjoyed sleeping in:) I just want to hug your little guy, what a cutie he is!

  2. I LOVE that second pic. ADORABLE!!!

  3. Oh how i LOVE that last picture!! Just read your comment on the blog, thank you for your transparency and encouragement for my friend. So much of what you said resonates with me too. Love that we can band together in support of one another!! Griffen is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!