Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hidden treasures

Today was a free day.

I closed the heavy drapes last night and turned off all electronics hoping for a late morning. We didn't wake until 9 am but was heartbroken to see a wide eyed little boy laying in his crib still under the covers. Not even knowing to call out for mama. - sme parts of adoption cut to straight to the heart.

Luckily we had a bowl of Cheerios stolen borrowed from the buffet.

We finally were able to FaceTime with all of the kids awake. Griffen seemed fascinated by everyone and said Baba a few times before getting down to play.  They of course noticed all the little bits of their new brother and everyone agreed he is charming Albright another sugar elf lol!

We missed breakfast but atleast were able to get a few treats for the baby.  Then we headed off on our adventure. We must have walked miles. Rows and rows of tiny booths, tons of treasures to be found, and streets to get lost on.  At one point we looked up and found the most soectacular church in the distance. We wound downtime streets ( my family is used to my crazy adventures).   Finally happening on the church sandwiched between the huge new mall of present and the rundown past of China.  We went to walk inside and then were crestfallen to realize the the entire city block sized church built in the early 1900's had been turned into floors of jade stores!?!  I was heartbroken, mad to say the least.  The cross still stands as symbol but the rest is gone.

We headed back to our hotel still exploring more of the market - AND found our favorite Holiland bakery. Even DQ (not that we ever eat there at home lol) and got an ice cream treat for Tristan's birthday!

More purchases of mainly province specific treasures I knew I would regret if not purchased and we happened upon another jade section ( apparently the Burmese bring jade up to be polished etc that is why there is so much here.). We saw a cross but it was 150 RMB. We continued on and found another booth with crosses.  I had forgotten I had my cross on.  The lady pointed at a poster behind her which was a calendar with a cross at the top.  Her crosses (same everything were only 35 RMB). We found 2 for our bigger kids and then haggled for a bit cheaper for all our littles.  I also let Griffen out of the ergo to walk around a bit as he had sat for hours.  They were all enamoured with him, as they strung crosses on necklaces for us.

The language was minimal but the older lady did call a younger gal over to help.  I have really wanted a very special piece of jade for myself but didn't know what.  We looked at many and then the lady took off a necklace she had on and the girl translated it was a pumpkin - um ok not what I was looking for.  I almost put it back and leave with just our crosses when she found the meaning - Blesses.  I almost sat in that stall and cried.  She had handed me her symbol of a cross.  I asked if she was sure - besides the generosity of even offering me this piece she also discounted everything further.  I finally translated for them that Griffen was an orphan.  They got a puzzled look on their faces (all the ladies in surrounding booths) he China babe?!?  Yes I nodded.  His look is so unique that the Chinese thought he was American - sporting his little Gymboree outfit and gorgeous coloring!

We put his cross on him, and thanked them profusely.  Down the road it occurred to me that I should have prayed with them.  Sometimes I hate when I am so lacking.  I know many of my friends would have prayed with this incredible God loving lady without thinking.  For a bit I felt terrible at my own lacking, but then decided to ask for forgiveness and to take this encounter as the gift it was.

So much of our journey to Cav & Fei I felt forsaken.  I desperately played that I know God was right here with me.  I am shocked (and I know I shouldn't be) at how incredible these prayers have been answered.

As for Griffen.  He is a jewel.  He cries when he wakes up from his nap but today he let me hold him and rub his back.  Then he was off and running.  But not wild.  He has been playing with his stacking cups in the little space between the bed and wall.  Playing with Tristan and chattering away.  He belly laughs which is so cute! As soon as we put him in the ergo he goes limp, sitting quietly for hours and watching everything.  He loves to eat. Loves Tristan and oh yeah loves to eat!

Tomorrow we got to the orphanage.  Please praying ones well, but we feel so blessed that because of us leaving so quickly he only spent a few days instead of the requisite week.


  1. wow! what a day! and what a blessing of this special gift of friendship and jewelry to remember these special ladies! So thankful Griffen is doing so well! I'm taking notes from y'all it's been a long time since we brought home a baby! :)

  2. Wish you could hook up with our friends while you are in KM and meet "my" Maggie...hmmmm.
    And you are right...Griffen has GORGEOUS coloring. :)