Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stone forest - kunming

We went to the most incredible places today. The Stone forest is 1 1/2 away from kunming.

Let me first say our guide is a believer. We had a fascinating conversation about religion. We so take for granted our churches and freedoms. He said the churches in China are actually government run and the pastor must follow their guidelines. They are not allowed to speak about revelations at all. He said it was because of the red dragon. Is that Satan or does any one know what he was talking about.

Anyhow, back to our adventures. I am so glad we were able to experience this natural wonder without trying to drag along a 2 year old. We also saw the Yi minority which is similar to our native Americans. There clothing is very bright and their handiwork is very similar to crewel I think. I bought several pieces. Between my son & the guide I felt like I was shopping with my husband lol!

On the way back to the hotel I noticed a neat looking area filled with people. I was thrilled when we turned into our hotel just blocks away. I drug my son on another adventure to . . . Walmart. Ok folks I am an adventurous type but Walmart on a Saturday afternoon at home was enough to do me in. We did find goodies for Griffen as my goal is to feed him before he freaks out.

Let me just say the place looked like after Christmas sales, it was hot, it was loud and places it smelled. For those of you coming - don't worry about formula. They had 3 complete aisles FULL of formula!

After dinner we went back to the park ( hope my previous post comes up). We noticed several things. Families spend Saturday spoiling their kids since most work all week. The kids are a little out of control. We saw several 6-9 year old boys duking it out only to figure out the parents were right there. Lots of preschoolers crying over balloons and all of them walking away with one. A lot of what we saw explains Cav's behavior.

The picture of pinyin in green says "God creates all things beautiful" (or similar lol)

PS - just encase your wondering. We get Griffen at @ 3 tomorrow. Just like a pregnancy I can't wait to see him. Hold him. Check out his cute little self. Please pray for us all and his heart as he spends the last night as an orphan.

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  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day. In a few hours you will be meeting your little guy. Praying for you both tonight, I hopefully I can check in tomorrow evening and see pictures, hitting the road for Dallas in a few hours for the memorial services for my cousin.I will need to smile and seeing him in your arms just might do it:)