Saturday, November 24, 2012

Adoption medical - china

We met up with 2 other families and headed over for our medicals today.  We luckily got their before the huge group so it wasn't to bad for a very busy place filled with people and screaming kids - 1 of which was ours LOL!

I was shocked at how many adopting parents there were!  It did a heart good to see so many loved on babies (regardless of age) - many with moderate to severe special needs.

Our little man does NOT like dr's.

Also we had a few minutes of panic when the dr looked at our screaming baby, covered him back up with his clothes a d an out of the room for the head Dr.  I remembered him from last year.  We had two issues.

1. Children with dwarfism have proportionately large heads.  For a 'normal' child this would be concerning.  For our kids it is 'normal' but man it freaks the Chinese Dr's out LOL

2. If you have been following our journey you might remember that Tao's listed SN's are extensive - and NONE say dwarfism.  Instead they are his x-ray results which I initially guessed were descriptions of dwarfism but we were never really sure.  I had forgotten how this ambiguous information might affect our adoption.

When Dr 1 looked atTao's shortened arms nd legs she ran for the head Dr.  He looked at Tao and the paperwork.  They began extensively discussing something - and I instructed to go find the guide NOW!

Finally, he assured them we knew about Tao's dwarfism, heehee if they only knew our rfamily I thought.

After writing a book Dr  1 handed us our paperwork and I almost ran out of the room with my baby LOL.


  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog and following your story to China. Your son is so cute. I am interested in what you have said about your son's head size. Our little girl whom we are adopting has her special need listed as cerebral palsy in her paper work, but clearly has had hydrocephalus in the past and a large head circumference (the MDs who reviewed her charts said she didn't have CP but did have hydrocephalus). We made sure that all our paperwork included both diagnoses just in case. Hoping we won't have any of the same panic you faced during the final medical exam! Your son is just adorable - looking forward to your pictures of him meeting his siblings! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. Saw a pic of your little guy here on this blog today:
    He is just so cute!