Saturday, November 24, 2012


Here is our cute boy on his very first airplane ride.  A hot bottle, crispy crackers, and airplane magazines and this little angel did fabulous.  The lady cross the way stared at us the entire 1 1/2 hr flight.  Her husband rubbed his face with what looked like an ice scrapper so I guess we were the next best option lol!

We realized we need to be a little better prepared for our long flight but I was beyond thrilled he was a little prince!  The darling backpack was for our care package from Lillian & Gretchen ( I can't find the blog link) but the backpack was the perfect size for our little guy and we could put several of his trucks and snacks into.  Sarah - thought of you here - um it was to heavy and he about toppled over backwards lol - so we had to take so,e things out!


  1. Message RECEIVED! Will NOT overload Molly Kate's backpack!! I cannot wait to meet my future son in law in person because he has surely stolen my heart!!!

  2. LOVE !!! I need to check out these backpacks! <3