Monday, November 5, 2012


I finally got a call this morning from our agency.  
First let me say that the director has been gone, 

BUT we found out our article 5 dates were NOT correct.  No one knows or is willing to admit to why this standard 2 week process took us a month rather then the standard 2 weeks.

Our article 5 paperwork was not even delivered to the CCCWA until 10/22 (a full month after being cabled) - the latest I expected our TA was 10/23 - knowledge is power - if I had jsut been told the truth I wouldn't have been waking up at 2am checking email, being stuck to a phone for the last 3 weeks and incessantly checking every airfare possibility.

Let me jsut say I was not at my best on the phone.

AND then I went upstairs and saw these ~


Baby Griffen's shoes still sitting without an owner,
Even the stuffing breaks my heart,
and the pristine newness.

They should be scuffed,
and worn,
and dirty by now.

Two little shoes,
Two aching arms.

I awoke last night at 2:31 feeling something was wrong.
I checked each bed,
tucked in each child,
and my heart broke for my one child who I can't tuck in, I don't know anything about other than a report now 2 years old and 5 sentences from March.

This afternoon I walked into Fei and Griffen's room and smiled at what I found.  All of his treasures sent from across the country.  Lovingly made by hand for a very special little boy.  So many prayers for him.  A tiny little boy so unwanted he waited for over a year to be chosen, and a leap of faith.  

I won't be traveling when I thought but I just need to hold onto that God's timing is perfect.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


  1. ((hugs)) for you tonight my friend, I am SO SO sorry, I know that heartbreak all too well. Godspeed.

  2. So many hugs and so many, so sorry that I haven't been "keeping up" because, well, things have been WILD around here. I haven't checked blogs since Landon was in the hospital with his mystery illness, but I am SO sorry for this. Sorry for the days and days of anxiously waiting...your fellow adoptive mamas know that anxiety well, and it helps us know better how to pray for you. Praying for miracles in timing and peace to you. Just as an encouragement to you...when a similar thing happened to us with our TA (almost EXACTLY the same thing...took 6 weeks instead of typical 2), the Lord amazingly provided miraculously cheap tickets for us - just a little smile from the Lord to remind us that "He had it"...Blessings!

  3. I am so sorry. The wait is so difficult! We hurt for you and recognize too that God's timing is always the best but it doesn't make things much easier.
    I needed you scripture today as well. Thanks for your help through your difficulties.

  4. it totally stinks for sure!!!!! this process is so hard as there are way too many ups and downs along the way and the downs are BAD BAD BAD! It doesn't help the heart at this point to say it's all in God's timing (even though we know it's RIGHT) but once you travel and get your sweet boy in your hand...all will be right with the world again. Prayers for you as you are nearing the end of your process and safe (cheap) travels for you.

  5. heartbroken with you...praying it is SOON.
    But still hard.
    But His timing usually has a reason! ;)
    Can't WAIT to follow your'd better blog...lots! ;)

  6. Oh sorry. I so understand this pain - we went through one thing after another like this with our Ethiopian adoption. The thought that they have to wait even another moment is so hard. In the end I remember knowing when we traveled that the timing was just right. God has it all in His control and nothing takes Him by surprise. Praying for you. Griffen's gifts are precious - and his little shoes are just too adorable...can't wait to see pictures of him finally in his little shoes!!

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  8. I am mad and sad for you Yvette.
    Hopefully SOON though we can be rejoicing together when you get your TA.