Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh the strange things I've seen!

Before I begin the tale of our day I have to say the guide we have this time is worth his weight in gold.  Richard is Madison Adoption Associates main guide for Guangzhou as well as doing aloof their in country paperwork.  The man is crazy busy I am sure but you would never know it when he is with us.

He is making sure we get to see some of the sites while we are here, and his knowledge level is incredible.  When he tells us the history of China - I really wish my husband was wi me to hear it as I will never remember it all.

Although it was rainy we took our umbrella , bundled up baby (thanks again Safah for his hat), and headed out.  Our first stop was the Guangzhou temple  it was incredibly beautiful but the information on Buddhism was incredible.  He not only was able to explain the similarities and differences but why items were in the temple and what people were doing.  It really helped us understand ,many of the concepts which were never quite clear.

Afterwards he took us to the herbal market. He showed us the large building next door which is the eastern medicine hospital and that is why the herbal market sprung up.

He was able to tell us what the different items were especiallythe odd ones which made us laugh (or grossed out my embarrassed 14 year old lol).  We also went to an outdoor mall and tried a special treat which this calamari loving family actually got seconds LOL. I am sure our poor guide thinks we are freaks.

Griffen sat bundled up in his ergo and ate the different items offered to him!

The mystery item - deer penis LOL


  1. Oh my. Now THAT is a China photograph i somehow missed! Is there a place in the baby book for such a thing? Poor deer! :)

  2. I was going to guess that it was some type of some poor male animals private parts! When I was a kid, my uncle had a walking stick made from a bull's and it always freaked me out! Glad I missed those on 4 trips to China:)

  3. Oh, wow! I'm glad we missed those in China too! Ewww.... And to think, I was "grossed-out" by eating chicken feet!

  4. Setiously??....Do chinese people and/or others really EAT those things???...deer p----!!!..There are so many of them...Each deer has to die in order to "donate" that organ...no wonder there are so many animals that are coming close to endangerment or extinction!..I guess I have been way too sheltered in my 66 years!..Won't you be happy to be back in the USA?...Welcome Home. mm, vancouver,wa.

  5. I knew it had to be somethings penis to embarrass your 14 year old. I am not surprised by anything anymore.