Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flight - Hong Kong

We are sitting in Hong Kong airport waiting for our very last connection to kunming. We left Colorado on weds at 3 pm and will arrive in Kunming on Fri at 2:30 pm. Almost 2 days of traveling minus the time change.

I have to say saying goodbye to the kids was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I was a wreck - Brahm was bawling. I thought that taking everyone with us was a much easier choice. That lasted until we got to LA and had our first 5 hr layover. (Making last minute international tickets sometimes sucks) then I noticed how easy it was to travel. Let me also say do NOT travel through LAX if you have a SN child etc. we had to go out one building onto the sidewalk where you catch taxis and then a block and a half into another building. Nothing is marked and people were less than helpful. I couldn't even imagine if you didn't speak the language.

We flew on Cathay Pacific this time. They stewardess were very nice and will hand you food if you pop your head into the back. The water isn't very good BUt the hot tea was Devine. I was less than impressed that our seats were in the very back. I almost cried thinking of not being able to lay back until I tried the chairs. The seat bottom on all the chairs actually slide forward. It was nice however my tailbone area is killing me today so if you have back problems you might want to bring something.

We are sitting for another extended layover in Hong Kong. It is a beautiful airport. We had to go through security again but only had to show our passport and new tickets. We did NOT have to reclaim our checked bags. There is tons of shopping, free wifi that works great and good food. We had fabulous deli type sandwiches next door to McD's on the upper level. Ther is also a Disney store - so treats for the kids.

Cathay had tons of movies on their little TV's. I bawled through when your expecting - I don't realize on of the families adopted a bay in the movie. Being in Hong Kong and looking at all of the Asian babies I just can't wait to get my hands on Griffen.

I think with 5 other kids and loads of paperwork we sometimes forget what a monumental event this is. The contractions (heehee back ones his time) have started and our baby should be here soon!


  1. praying for y'all sweet friend! Praying God is preparing Griffen's heart to meet y'all too!

  2. Praying for you guys!! How exciting - it's almost time!! Can't wait to "hear" and "see" more!!
    Nikki :-)

  3. What an exciting time this is. Have fun!!

  4. How exciting!!! We are just starting our paperwork and look forward to watching your journey unfold!! :)

  5. Praying for Griffin these next few days as so much transition comes for your little man... and for all of you, family at home and for those traveling.
    SO excited for you friend to be at this point!