Thursday, November 8, 2012


 We got it!

Our travel approval to bring home our baby boy came today!
grrr it was dated 11/2

Tomorrow (hopefully) we will find out exactly when our last chair will be filled.

Please if you think about it would you pray that God works a miracle and we can somehow get a spot still the end of November.

Many people are looking at consulate dates the first 2 weeks in December.  

I worry about my husband as this will place us traveling Black Friday and beyond -
 for the retail world the WORST possible time.

My oldest missed 3 days of school this week because of being really sick,
plus two more weeks if we don't travel until after Thanksgiving is hard.

We know this is God's journey, and we will follow His lead.
But selfishly I am still going to ask for prayers.

And while your at it, please pray for our Griffen - that his heart is already being opened to the changes soon to occur.  My heart breaks even thinking of tearing him away from his current foster family, the week his orphanage requires he spend alone before we travel.  Fill him with the Holy Spirit and love that so many of you already have for him.


  1. oh my gosh!!!! I have been following your blog and just aching for you!!! I am SO happy you finally got the TA. Your little man is the most precious thing ever. He is going to have the best life with you guys. We are right behind you in travel. We are suppose to travel Dec 7th to get our daughter. Much love and prayers from strangers in Washington state. Stephanie Martinell

  2. Wow - this is wonderful news. Will pray for more good news for you. Praying too for your new son's little heart. God bless - Julie in VA

  3. Prayers for a November CA!! Hope you hear back today so that you know either way!

  4. Oh my goodness I am so so excited for you! Praying. I can't wait to watch the next steps of your journey.