Monday, July 16, 2012

Back in His hands.

Laying it down.

You would think that I had learned how incredibly might our God is while doing our last adoption.

Have I also mentioned that ~ we ~ have a parent toddler relationship LOL!

I am sure He is like "when will this girl ever learn to trust me!"  Hmm, verbalizing that makes me think if a particular little boy living at our house!

Ok, so I mentioned we REUSED our dossier.

Over the past few weeks I have been hearing rumblings of changes to the reuse program.

Instead of LOI by the 1 year anniversary of Gotcha - you now have to be DTC -
no problem, way ahead of the game.

Then I started hearing of LOA's being held until new notarized letters of reference were sent to China.

Oh but wait they were people who reused but were taking a long time.

Ok still not worried.

THEN, I read the same request for someone reusing who brought their child home in Feb.

UGG! - time to freak.  I mean beyond freak out!

I spent about 24 hours in sheer panic mode.

And then I woke up Sunday, and the birds were singing and I remembered I am the tool and this is HIS plan.

Funny thing our sermon - yep right along those lines.  Trust Him, because when it comes to expanding His kingdom He will prevail.

Open my email today - and read

"I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago." Psalm 77:11 (NIV)

How easily we forget the perfect timing he orchestrated for our trip to China in Dec, saving us thousands on airline tickets, and working around a broken arm here, school, and placing us back home in time for Christmas Eve service.

How easily I forget that our impossible deadline to be DTC by June 12th and we . . . I mean HE blew that out of the water being DTC May 31st.  

So I lay our journey back in His hands, trusting and praying. 


  1. Amen and Amen!!!! Soooo thankful HE is in control!!!!

  2. Oh, Yvette! How true!! I love this...I am so, so having to learn that I am His tool...created in Christ Jesus to do works that He had set aside for me to do before the beginning of time for HIS, if all this is for HIS glory...He's GOT it! (but, oh how hard it is when our babies wait :-)
    love and prayers,
    Nikki :-)

  3. I need to remind myself of the very same thing each and everyday. Its not my timing....its HIS timing! I cant wait to see little Griffin with the other kids on your blog!