Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Welcome Home!

You know, this fourth has hit me differently than ones in the past.

I come from a military family, so does my husband.

We both were in the Army - my dear sweet husband jumped out of airplanes in Alaska LOL!

So to say that we love this country has always been an understatement.

But after spending our time in China just 6 months ago - I can truthfully say that I was never so grateful to return home.

To a country where you can achieve as much as you want or not

A country, for the most part, that allows you to succeed or fail.

A country that does not restrict what we say, read and most importantly believe

Especially when it comes to religion.

We may all have our differences,

But I am so thankful that my dwarf children can someday aspire to be president - of a company or the country if that is their dream.

Thankful that a little boy can have surgery so that he will have the ability to walk

AND to prosper.

Although all of the 4th of July celebrations were cancelled due to the fire, I realized that we actually celebrated on Dec 23rd this year -
 When we landed in the US
and a stranger stamped our packet
and welcomed us HOME ~ including the 2 newest American citizens.

Happy 4th everyone!

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