Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Snapshot- Playing with light!

On the fourth of July EVERYTHING was cancelled here.  So we went to the pool, had a bite to eat, and then as it got darker broke out the glow sticks and daddy brought his uber cool daddy laser light thing!

I brought out my tripod, and super lens!  We were all amazed at what we could do - and it ended up being a blast!

All of the green ones were on Bulb mode - shutter open while daddy wrote so a tripod is a MUST!!

A sneak preview of the babies name!
If you look at the little bit of blur on the "N" it's actually the sprinkler spraying the light!
This was so FUN!!

 This was so cool - the laser light on pulse!!

Shooting on the giant pine tree in front of our house!

Our very first attempt and we LOVED it!!

Glow sticks on manual focus

Love this but someone couldn't wait their turn - hmmm who has the blue glowsticks?!?!

And I LOVE this one of our littles!

Canon 5d with 50mm lens - and most important A tripod!!
Most of these are SOOC as the more I processed the worse they looked LOL!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. That is SOOOO neat!! Love this idea!

  2. Very cool! What a fun experiment.. and it turned out beautifully :)