Saturday, July 14, 2012

1st Movie

It has been a crazy week but I want to document some of our little guys firsts over the next week so just ignore me LOL!

Brahm was ticked uh not very happy that his big brother and friend were not home when he was done with summer school.  I used to think that I had this parenting thing handled with my other kids but there is a reason we call this child the evil genius.  Even at not quite 6 he is a brilliant on understanding how to get people to do things he wants them to do.  I AM NOT a pushover but there have been times (more recently) that I will find myself driving to or be at a place and wondering how it happened LOL!

Ok back to the story.  He was manipulating conning me into taking him to a movie using pleasantries and his usual tricks.  But I realized that if we went all three littles had to go.  You know that look of horror - yeah I had that.  THe thought of bringing Cav to a movie especially made this momma quiver in fear.

Finally with the agreement to go to the $1 movie (so if we had to leave it wasn't a huge loss.)
So although we decided on the movie 1 1/2 hours BEFORE it started - we were LATE!

Rush into the dark theater and find it is NOT wheelchair friendly.

So I had to park Cav at the top, walk in the dark with the 2 dwarfs and their booster chairs, their large popcorn I somehow got conned into.

 Find seats - in the dark.

Boost several short people I know up on their boosters - still trying to NOT spill the popcorn UGH!

Oh yeah forgot Cav.

Go back and grab him and the soda.

Forget he is still kind of short too.

Go get a booster for him leaving all three of the afore mentioned preschoolers by themselves.

Return to find Cav covered in spilled popcorn.

Try to get him onto his booster without further ticking of the people behind us - um cast and hard plastic don't work well together.

About that time I look up at the screen and what do I see -

7 DWARFS!  Yeah I selected mirror, mirror as the movie to see and totally forgot what the movie was about.  Spent the rest of the movie worrying about what FeiFei was thinking and feeling like a total heel!

Can you say mother of the year award!!

Oh but they all had fun.

Fei of course was thrilled with the movie AND the popcorn and I needn't have worried!

Cav did awesome aside from the spilled popcorn and wiggles of his casts on the plastic booster.

And Brahm - well as you can see scored some candy and still had a little allowance left over!

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  1. I try not to worry too much about the "subtle messages" that our kids see and hear in movies. I can understand why you might worry about taking Fei Fei to see this, but she looks like she had a BLAST. I took all my seven adopted children to see the Avengers. There's a part where Thor is talking about his evil brother and says "well, he's adopted". Yahoo and a lot of media outlets had made a huge deal out of it. I knew it was coming, waited for it, and got no reaction. So, I let it go. I figure it's harmful to teach them to be oversensitive as well. You sound like you did great and made some AWESOME memories.