Sunday, July 1, 2012

A place for Rocks

So I was sitting in Church today and for some reason decided to check out Cav's short cast.

It was FULL!

Of ROCKS - ok pebbles but still.
and dead bugs,
and grass?!?!

So, since Daddy was home today we grabbed the extra roll of casting material they gave me last week
an empty Route 44 SONIC cup
our gloves
AND little pleiers!

 Also the knee on the other side was worn through except about the thickness of a piece of paper!

So, not much left of the red, white & blue but it is now double and triple reinforced!

We are almost to the half way point THANK GOD!!

Ni Hao Yall

Also PLEASe continue to pray for the families in Colorado Springs who have lost their homes.  A very dear friend told me today that he had never seen anything like it . . . since Vietnam.


  1. I know how tough keeping a cast on a busy boy can be! Looks like he's all fixed up now, although I did love the red, white and blue!