Saturday, July 7, 2012

Backpacks for littles!

It was time for this little guy to go on a date with his momma - he has had the largest impact from the adoption - going from the baby to the middle.

He was so excited he did his hair, put on a collared shirt AND wore socks!!

We went to his favorite - Elephant Bar!

He was so sweet and even opened the door and determined that holding hands was not for a date so he crooked his arm for me to hold onto just like daddy does - gotta love this kid!

Anyhow, after we were done with dinner AND the dollar store (gotta love a cheap date)
we stopped at the store looking for backpacks.

Let me tell you - dwarfs and backpacks don't usually go together well.

Now mind you my little man doesn't even weigh 30 lbs,
going into 1st grade.

Then I remembered that pottery barn had tiny full-size backpacks last year 
so off we went
cuz the ones were trying on made it look like the backpack had shoes LOL!

 this had to be the best backpack we have ever found for him!
AND the lunchbox clips on the front (ok I realize he is as tall as wide but still!)

Wearing it lose which he likes but I know his pain Dr would have a fit!

Tightened up and looking pretty cool!

As I have said many times having a little person really shouldn't be a special need, it takes just a little shopping and thinking outside the box
 (and might be just a little more expensive as I normally get backpacks form Ross LOL!)


  1. i saw those backpacks today! Thank you for the idea!!! You have such a handsome little man! And what a gentleman!!! <3

  2. Is that the preschool size? I've been eyeing them up for awhile. I want to get one for Molly Kate for a variety of reasons - one being that Carter got to have a backpack in China for his "stuff" and it made a world of difference to him. Let me know!

  3. Brahm is more proportionate than the other little ones, so Iactually am going to go back to get the preschool one for Tao when we go to China. I will bring Fei along and show you all how the two backpacks fit on her.

    1. You rock, my friend. They have the summer ones on sale for $15.99 with free shipping. I'm tempted.

  4. For future reference, LLBean has great backpacks that are smaller-sized (they give dimensions online). And theirs last for years! They have preschool backpacks and junior sized ones (for kids K-3?). I can't stand huge backpacks on young kids, and these fit really well. I just love their quality, and they also have matching lunch boxes. I have washed both the backpack and lunchbox in the washing machine numerous times, and they always come out looking like new. My daughter uses hers for at least 2 years. This is a year to get a new one, and it is killing me because hers still looks brand new. Hope this helps! I think getting a new backpack is such an exciting thing. Your young man looks so handsome sporting his new ensemble for school!

  5. Lands Ends and Hannah Andersson have different sizes and matching accessories too. In fact, come halloween, they all go in deep discount and I buy Lilly's for the next year. Same with coats at Lands End. In January/February I will end up paying no more than $24.00 for a $100.00 coat for her (she's 10).

    The nice thing about Lands End is you can return anything to a Sears store regardless of whether they have a LE section or not. If they DO have a LE section, they will have computers where you can sit and order anything online that you need...but they don't have in their store. The best thing...shipping is always FREE to your house!

    I don't work for LE...just a HUGE fan of ALL their clothes. Their sales are amazing...but you have to be willing to check online daily and be willing to buy a size or two "ahead". Their clothes wear well and I always receive fair prices when I turn it over to the consignment store to sell for me.