Sunday, July 22, 2012


When we began this journey the number 1 question or concern people had were for our bio children.  This past weekend proved that adoption is possibly the single BEST thing we could ever do for them!

Our big boy is 13 and spent last week away at a church camp with 5 other of his buddies from school.  WE didn't sign up with them, this was just something that happened.  BUT once we found out that all six were going we made sure that they were in the same cabin (already taken care of).  I only tell you this because my son was surrounded by his peers.

At the very last minute I decided to take both Brahm AND Cav, even though we didn't have room for his wheelchair or stroller.

As we walked into the chapel area (me holding Cav) and waiting to find a seat I noticed a boy walking around us looking at Cav's amputated legs.  Now that isn't unusual and we are fine with it until they are rude or direspectful. 

Sudden he looks at me and says "I know what happened to him, your older son gave a testimony!"

Hmmm, that was interesting I thought.

Finally, after hearing about how incredible camp was for TWO days I asked my son about this encounter.

My larger than his momma, kind hearted son told me how he felt led to present a testimony about Brahm being born little and how we got Cav and FeiFei.

He didn't tell me much more than that - cuz you know he is a 13 year old boy LOL!

When I told him about my encounter I found out that this boy was actually a very small 6th grader.  Not as in small due to dwarfism but just a late bloomer.

I stand in awe of my sons obedience of sharing when led
and how God has already used a 13 year old and 4 year old.

Two boys who were separated by an ocean,
became brothers, 
looking past differences,
to do God's work,
and affect the life of another.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. ohhhhhhh how I l.o.v.e.!!!!!!

  2. To God be the Glory! Wow. When we are obedient to Him, how He amazes me with the blessings - especially the spiritual ones! The pics of the boys are precious!!

  3. I love it... especially when our kids get it... they see God at work and are willing to share with others. Just curious who you will work with for prosthetics at Children's. We were just there last week at the hospital for clinic and the the Hanger office and C and I will be back in 2 weeks for more appointments:)

  4. Catching up on your blog here...which I love, by the way. Would you be willing to let us feature this post on We Are Grafted In? Since you'e contributed in the past, we could just reuse your bio and pic from before. I just need your permission. :)

    Stephanie (smurphy28 AT juno DOT com)
    co-administrator of WAGI