Friday, July 6, 2012

Sad Hugs

I just have to say that my heart aches.

For a little boy,

Who has been with us for over six months,

He has learned a new language,

He has had surgery and lost his legs but gained a future,

He loves to go outside and play,

He has learned to play with his siblings,

He has even learned to come up to me on his own and say "I lug you mommy"

Truly, he has learned so much and come so far,

But still he looks at me with his dark eyes,
and you can see the confusion,
when I try to hold and rock him.

Oh such an intense pain to this momma heart - so many layers still to go.


  1. stick with it momma! He will be a momma's boy soon!

  2. Oh my baby girl home almost six months won't lay with me to go to sleep. My other four babies love it, she cries and cries for her bed. It scares her to snuggle after dark. Praying for both of them!!!

  3. So sorry. That's so hard. Hold fast. Our Joel looked absent for the first year. And then, it was if the lights came on in his eyes. But while you're walking it, it is so very hard. Hold fast.