Friday, September 21, 2012

Fortune Cookie

FeiFei is HOME!

Apparently she woke up this morning and told Daddy she was going home - it was 6 AM!  The Dr and his entourage came in and she told him the same exact thing.  That princess of ours!  He said after you poopy (making sure all of her spinal nerves were functioning).  She didn't believe him, so the nurse and another Dr told her the same thing.  Then Daddy was smart enough to call me.  He said after we hung up she said she needed down and of she went to the bathroom!

Have I mentioned this girl LOVES food.  They got home around lunch time and we treated her to PF Chang's.  (Yeah, I know what your thinking but she really was doing great!)

I'll tell you about that in a sec but first let me tell you that I jsut LOVE my big kids.  Truly they were all thrilled that she came to pickup (as did Daddy!) By that time she was starting fade so we held her but man were they excited.  Even Brahm came running across the school yard.  Her friends, and teacher also excited!

Our big boy came home from football and pushed past me "Where's Fei"

Luckily, I had my phone in hand!

Brahm sat with her all afternoon and played iPad and squinkies

Friends sent her a special treat ( can you see how she guards her neck)

We are trying to have her take it easy, but truly this is hard when she was raised NOT to be different.

Even when we went outside she was upset that she couldn't.  
Please pray for her heart over the next few days!

Ok and now onto PF Chang's ~ this was my fortune LOL!
Not for a minute do I think that this is NOT a Godwink!

I had totally missed that we had been CABLED!!  I sent it to our agency which was closed already but we should be onto our Article 5 soon!  Never a dull moment around her!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers!  We truly stormed heaven with all of the continual prayers AND that is the only reason to explain how both of our kids came home jsut 2 days after MAJOR, MAJOR surgery!


  1. That is a TOTAL Godwink if I've ever seen one. Griffen must be ready to come home. Hoping we travel together! We're hoping to be cabled this week as well. Expedited Art 5 and then a quick TA, please!!!

  2. I have been following your blog for a while. I prayed for Cav (WTG Cav!) and have prayed for FeiFei, I love her smile! I will continue to keep both of them in my prayers.