Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Ugh I am beat, we had another day in Denver.

But Cav got to show Mr Terry how phenomenal he is doing - again this is so amazing to have a double amputee who still has NOT gone to physical therapy (due to insurance and the fact there is 1 person here that knows what to do with him LOL!)  We see the PT for the first time for an eval on Friday - she is expecting a little boy creeping along with a walker heehee!

On to FeiFei's preop - got stuck in Denver traffic, I was frazzled to say the least, and we were late.

Once we finally made the appt here was what I learned ~

She can have an early breakfast at 7 am YEAH!!
She can have a fun clear drink until we get to the hospital YEAH!
We don't have to be there until 1 pm YEAH!
They think she is as darling as we do YEAH!

Surgery will last 4 hours
They won't have to open up the Dura which will help prevent headaches, nausea etc after
They have a great drug regiment to keep her comfy.

I was surprised she will go directly to the PICU (so glad I am staying the first night)
She will have to stay a mandatory 2 nights but up to 7 (ugh I gotta figure out the other kids schedule)
There are an awful lot of people praying for her!

And a funny - I heard Cav and Fei discussing surgery int eh back of the car.  Cav told her - you go to sleep, get a little owie, but you wake up feeling better.

Of course her only experience with surgery is Cav's so although we have discussed extensively that Fei's legs are good, they work and her surgery is her neck BUT we will be painting her toenails during preop jsut to reassure her.

Thank you for praying, for our sweet girl, for our family.  


  1. Praying for your sweet girl...

  2. praying this morning! Hope you are having a great morning together:)

  3. You have been on my mind all day long...looking forward to an update and praying you and precious one get some sleep tonight!
    Hang in there....and praying for good news! :)

  4. Just read your last couple of posts and I can see why you are feeling anxious. Any kind of surgery that can impact the brain, movement and all of that important stuff,well that is going to make any Mom anxious. I will be sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your and your daughters way.