Friday, September 14, 2012

Cav update

THanks for all of the emails checking in.  We have (as in I) a bit of a learning curve but all in all Cav is doing great!

I compare it to when your baby is jsut getting ready to walk and you know they can BUT they don't have the confidence to let go.

He has this stupid walker which he will lift up and move while standing on his legs LOL!

I haven't gotten very many pics of him, mainly because I am usually standing next to him making sure he doesn't fall.

Everything he has to relearn (or learn) from how to get in and out of a shopping cart to how to seat.  He is a fast learner and this has more to do with me having to rethink through everything.

Truthfully, this part I was't prepared for.  But then again it's Cav.  He somehow got himself UP the stairs when it was naptime and I was trying to beat dinner into submission the crockpot.  BTW that dinner will be on the table tomorrow LOL!  Naptime is jsut not enough time to make pulled pork LOL!

EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE cheers for him - way cool!

We went to the park yesterday and he loved being on the swings.

Note to other parents, um holding your child upside down when he has prosthetics doesn't really work. Yep, pop off one came and I luckily caught him LOL!

I'll get better pics of his legs but they are super cool.  The longer (more metal) is tools on wood and the other one is screws (although it looks like cheetah from far away.)  
Makes a great conversation piece for new friends.  

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  1. what a trooper! He'll be running before you know it!