Monday, September 17, 2012

Fei's Surgery

AS I sit and wondering about the timing of the events of the previous week, I stand assured that He does have a plan, jsut as assured as I do NOT understand why.

The HIGH of HIGHS watching this little man of ours take his first steps, has been also overshadowed by FeiFei's impending surgery.

This past week, month, summer have been a lot.

I am starting to feel drained, and I can't even get to the cleaning out nesting phase to get ready for little Griffen.  I have put on weight, I can barely finish a phone call (which I can barely answer), the house is a wreck ugh.

Ok enough about my pity party.

So - FeiFei's surgery.
It scares me. . . I know we jsut went through amputation surgery which I was fine with,
but this scares me.

Her surgery consists of removing the extra bone at the base of the skull that is currently compressing her spinal cord.  This bone is removed on either side.  Then from what I understand the first 2 days are critical in preventing swelling.

This is where her brainstem is, so the room for error is minuscule.

Her surgery is this Weds at 3pm MST.

Please will you pray for our sweet little angel.


  1. We have been celebrating with you and now we will be praying...praying...praying....

  2. Oh Yvette! I didn't realize it was SO SOON!
    You have ALOT (that word doesn't even do your life justice) on your plate. No doubt about it.
    I will be praying and thinking of you....
    Like tomorrow Wed??
    Seriously girlfriend...that is just NUTS!
    BUT God is God and you are right..the timing is for a reason. Grace and peace to you....
    He has had her in the palm of His hand from the very beginning. He will be there to direct the surgeons hands.
    I'll be following along!
    Lynnea :)

  3. Praying for you and for your sweet girl. Let me know if we can do anything, we aren't out there again until next weekend but if there is anything we can do while we are there we are staying in the springs on Saturday and will be around until after lunch on Sunday there.
    So thankful for the good hands that she will be in at Children's.
    As for the house, my mom often reminds me that someday I will miss having finger prints on the storm door, stepping on legos in the middle of the night and forts in the middle of my livingroom... this is a season and when it is all said and done... no one is going to remember what your house looked like in the midst of it all.

  4. Been thinking and praying for y'all for the last week!!! I wish I was closer to y'all!!!

  5. I'll be praying for your sweet girl! I had already planned on tomorrow as a day of prayer for some things weighing on me... I will definitely be lifting your girl up!!!!

  6. I would be honored to pray for your sweet little girl. Love her dimpled smile. Will pray for you as well. It is so hard to have even a moment to take care of yourself through such intense parenting (especially during the time you are getting adjusted (plus all your kids' medical issues)

  7. I will most definately br praying for sweet Fei Fei. I am praying for the surgeon and team and for everything to go smoothly and a quick recovery. Also praying for you to have peace and strength from the Lord,

    Praying Hard.